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Oh I know Spacecoast I was just illustrating my point that when someone has enough to last whatever they feel is a reasonable supply they stop buying whether their drawer has 7K or 70K. I doubt I will do another primer order before early to mid 2014 and that will just be a mixed order of small pistol and small rifle. I don't use 100 large pistol and large rifle a month so a few K of each should last me till I die unless my shooting habits change so why buy more just to say I have them. Now if I were to find CCI SP and SR for 2 dollars a sleeve I would gladly buy 5 K of each which would last me several years, but as you said that ain't going to happen. I was caught short on .22 LR this year but that was just because I started playing with steel plate competition. Luckily a local sporting goods store received a large shipment of CCI last week. Now I have enough to last me for the season, if I shoot steel again next season I will have to buy more, but if I lose interest I will go back to just keeping enough on hand for plinking. So my part in this surge is all over. I figure a lot of people will be in the same boat, they scrambled to buff up their supply then not need anymore for a couple of years. Those caught flatfooted will be buffing up their supply as new stock hits the shelves but when they hit their comfort zone they too will stop buying

That is why manufacturing will not increase, It takes money to ramp up production for what is going to be a short term surge. Now if this panic were to incite people going to the range more often or entering competitions where a lot of ammo gets burned then over the long term manufacturers will slowly ramp production up
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