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Savage makes Axis in .308.
Well, it's a catalog item, and I've seen exactly one in left-hand. I ordered these rifles in March of 2012 and the dealer searched nationwide for them for nine months. We could find left-hand rifles in 30-06, .25-06, 270, 260, 7mm-08 and .243, but the .308 left-hand rifles were simply not available. The dealer still has two on order and no joy at this time. I finally decided to go with a .25-06 for the boys. The .25-06 is a great caliber for younger shooters, it's got enough boom to suit them, and it's very accurate. Recoil isn't a problem. Plus, we've got several in the family so we reload for the cartridge. (Of course, I reload for the .308 too.)

Yeah, you're right. Savage catalogs a left-hand Axis in .308, but I haven't been able to find one.
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