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I haven't bought anything I hadn't already intended to buy. Picked up a few large rifle primers day after the election, some powder, 30 cal. Noslers bt and accubond. Needed some 308 brass, went lapua over win this time since it is known to last longer and will save me having to find some since everyone lost their minds. Picked up a couple boxes of gold dots for .45ACP as my hollow points were in the 15 left range and it was time to rotate the stock.

Got a savage bolt action .22 for plinking. Traded 44mag ammo for some 223 and 357 sig ammo for a H&R 22lr/22mag.

All but my lower metal was order prior to the panic start. That came the first day or two. So only about $30.00 extra...

Everything for me had been business as usual. Even saw a guy loading up on small pistol primers this last weekend...well I guess the local Wally World being sold out of Varget was different. Still had RL22 though and CCI primers.
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