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I'll take one of each please.

When it comes down to actually spending money, I'm fairly pragmatic. Guns or calibers I don't have a use or desire for are left behind. My list would be:
  • .22LR - Small, cheap, "quiet", lightweight and enough energy for small game and serious practice. Best uses: small game, pest control, marksmanship practice. Favorite: 4-Inch Stainless J-frame Kit Gun
  • .327 Federal Magnum - I have a pair of .32 Longs and a .32 H&R. All are enjoyable little guns. The .327 fills a void between .22 and .38/.357 well. The 100 gr pill at 1400 fps delivers more gee-whiz than the .38 special while keeping recoil manageable. Too soon yet to know if it's defensive credentials are up ts snuff but they look good on paper. Between the .32 H&R and .327 FM, you can replace the .38 special with a more economical cartridge. The .32 Long's role is less certain. It's accurate but the low power regulates it to paper-punching and small game. Pick: 4-inch Stainless Ruger SP-101
  • .357 Magnum - Simply still the best all-around revolver cartridge and a must have. Handloading gives you .38 special powers up to bear stomping loads. My pick: S&W Model 19 6-inch pinned barrel
  • .41 Remington Magnum - This may seem odd or controversial and I thought about it a while. The "middle magnum" is potent and boringly accurate. It often penetrates better than the .44 and recoils a tad less. With lower power loads and LSWC it's comfortable to shoot. It's as much as you need in a serious handgun without going overboard. Out in the woods the .41 will do fine against most North American critters. Plus it fills the gap between the .357 and my next choice. The fact that I own five revolvers plus a rifle might have influenced this decision - slightly. Pick: S&W Model 57 6-inch
  • .460 Smith & Wesson - If the .45 Colt is a good cartridge, why not stuff it full of powder and make it better? Heck, let's make it even longer to get even more juice out of it. A gun using this can chamber the whole range of .45 caliber rounds from the Schofield up to the .454 Casull and .460S&W. This is the reason for the .41 Mag. choice too. There are few critters the .41 won't take down with six shots and if you're around one, the .41 will teach you discipline. However, when you really need a one-handed bazooka, the .460 will do the job. Use the .454 Casull for Moose, Elk and other large animals. Use the .460 against large predators like Grizzly or Polar bear. Pick S&W .460 Magnum 7-inch w/compensator
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