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Do you really think so? They were banned once before, do you not think there is a good chance of it happening again?
They weren't banned last time around. The AWB basically created a list of 5 military like features, and said that for a new weapon to be legal it could only have 2 of those 5 features. So gun companies dropped things like bayonet lugs and threaded barrels and suddenly the guns were legal again. The dems also lost a great deal of seats in congress by passing the bill, and me thinks they won't be so eager to enact any new legislation this time around.

But back to the original question, I agree with the others in saying hold out. A Colt 6920 is supposed to sell for right at $1000, and there is no sense in feeding the price gougers. Just give it a little time. Once this whole thing blows over and manufacturers can catch up on their back logs prices will come back down.
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