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Josh, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you are referring to black bears and you're examples don't include having to kill a charging bear. While you need to be cautious while hiking in black bear country, they are normally a very timid animal and will not look for a confrontation. Exceptions always exist like camping in a tent at night or hiking in an area where their food source has been destroyed by a fire.

Grizzly bear's are a nightmare. Anecdotal stories or hard facts all back this up. If you read the link I posted you will see that they are wired not to feel pain instantaneously like most animals. There have been many attacks where these bears have been shot numerous times in the torso with high powered rifles, shotguns, and magnum caliber pistols but got to their intended target. They may have been mortally wounded but it doesn't register in their brain until they have torn you to pieces.

In most cases a person may only get one shot and sometimes none. They will be on you before you can pull the trigger and snap your neck or cut an artery. I don't care what kind of gun you have, most of the time it will do you no good unless you hit CNS or blast them in the nose. This is the only way to kill them instantly or turn them with a gun. A shot to the cardio system will kill them in most instances but many times not until they have had their way with you.

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