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Read the letter and saw him on CNN interview (you may find it on youtube) he was very well spoken and not angry or confrontational. The anchor asked him what he would do if the ban was passed into law and he said he would not register his firearms. She then restated the question and said but what will you do if they come to take them and he just said he would not comply. No threatening nor chest beating tone or rhetoric. The anchor seemed a little flummoxed by his response. She then asked what should be done to stop the school shootings, implying that he might not be concerned about that and he basically said that people have the right to carry a gun for protection and he does and would use his firearm to defend himself or others if need be and that it was up to others or each individual to choose if they wanted to do so or not.

He came across as very calm likable and respectful in demeanor.
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