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Has any other nation sold us back rifles that we lent them? Or more importantly are there any countries left that have loaned rifles that could go through the CMP in the future? Preferably after the obama administration. Or was Greece the last one?
we have meddled in the affairs of many nations in our time.
the Enfield that I spoke of having century import marks was made right here in the USA by Savage arms and then 'loaned' to great Britain during WWII along with a large number of model 1917 rifles, some of which have also made it back and are distinguished by a red band that the brits painted around them to denote that they were chambered in 30-06 rather than 303 like the identical pattern 14 enfields that they were already using. some of these rifles have been sold back to the US but most were destroyed at the end of the war to avoid too many civilians getting their hands on military grade weapons(sound familiar?).

also during WWII large numbers of 1903 springfields were donated to french resistance and De Gaul's free french troops, if I'm not mistaken few if any were ever returned, through sale or otherwise. I've also heard internet rumors that China was given a large number of springfields but have not been able to verify.
Out of the thousands of Garands you don't think there would be a large number of correct and collector grade rifles?
you may find one or two but the majority of them were used in combat and used extensively to those ends, they were dragged through rain forests, banged off trees and rocks, filled with mud, dirt, water and other filth and corrosive ammo was fired out of them. to keep them running parts would have to be replaced and the stocks obviously would show a great deal of wear and then there is the problem of the fact that they have been stored in a very humid environment for the last 60 years. if a collectors grade did make it out of there I would be very much impressed.
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