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The above post is BULLCRAP! I've heard that line so many times. All from people who have NO IDEA what they are talking about. Americans think you need a .50 cal to take down a bear minimum. Lies. Bears can be taken in a SINGLE SHOT with. Well placed .22 round. My co-worked once shot a bear in the back of the neck area and dropped if in ONE shot with a .22!!! It was a medium sized bear. .22's, 9mm, .40, .45ACP, and .44 have all killed bears before. As I said before a 12 gauge is the BEST choice if you want to be 99% safe (highly higly unlikely a bear will live vs a 12 gauge). But as backup, or if its all you have, a .45ACP then it works. With the .45 a warning shot could scare away the bear. But if you had to shoot it don't believe all the BS of it won't work - nearly everyone who says it has NEVER tested it so how can they say what will work and what won't? A .45ACP will destroy a cinder block - imagine what it would do to a bear. Again, so man people claim the bear is pretty much "bullet proof" NO IT 'S NOT! If far, far from if. Rhino would be harder to kill than a bear.
Last best story in the area I lived was a bear who entered a home through the back porch. The guy grabbed his 9mm and killed it. Shot it 9 times total. Who knows if the bear died after 2 shots or if it took all 9 shots - fact is the 9mm killed the bear. Most people would say HOW!?! It's quite simply actually. The 9mm has superior penetration qualities. So the shots penetrated the bear, hit a vital, and the bear died.. I don't know why SO many people claim you need .44 mag minimum or .50 cal for handgun vs bears. No, you don't. Bigger is BETTER, but it doesn't mean the smaller calibers can't do it.

I bet you anything Thr people who claim it's better to just file off the sights so its "easier for the bear to stick it up your ass" - I BET THOSE SAME PEOPLE would use a .45ACP if its all they had and not just "throw the gun away" like they claim.
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