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Josh 17,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you created a previous posts recently in regards to concerns with storing a pistol in cold weather?

I assumed some light was shed on the subject, but appears you are still concerned. As stated before, a Glock will do well being stored in the cold. I understand your continuing concern with condensation build-up with fluctuating temperatures, but it seems you are going to actually try it out before you can gain any confidence. Yes condensation can build up over time, but Glocks are notorious for being rugged and numerous (and slightly ridiculous) tests have been conducted proving Glock's durability. I would go for it as you are just going to get the same answers you have already received. As for the Ruger, I am sure it will do just fine in the cold as well.
Again, you are going to have to try something out and see how it works out for you.
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