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People overreact. Don't believe most of what you hear. I hear so much crap of " I wouldn't go with anything less than a . People Saying the .45ACP would just scare him off couldn't be more wrong. There is SO MUCH misinformation about bears vs guns. Again, 99% of all people who give advice have NEVER shot a bear with the caliber they claim wont work - if they did and the caliber supposedly doesn't work then they would be dead and not able to tell you, right? And if it worked then how could they say it doesn't? 99% of people have never shot a bear within a handgun so they are just talking.

Nor have I. But bears AREN'T invincble. They aren't armored tanks. If even a .22xBut i do know people who have. I know a couple guys who have taken down a bear in ONE SHOT with a .22 rifle.

In fact my co-worker, an older guy, once came across a bear and only had a .22
Rifle. He is a good shot being former military Colonel. Now he said he shot the bear in the back of the neck area and thr bear dropped - one shot one kill with a .22 rifle. Many others have killed a bear with a .22 so to say a .45ACP can't is just the whole American paranoia of needing the "biggest caliber".

Americans mostly like to over-hype calibers . They think anything less than a .44 magnum is worthless. Bull!! I've even read stories of people saying a 9mm, 40 or 45ACP isn't even capable of taking down a small mountain lion. Again, BULL!

.22's have killed bears. 9 mm have killed bears. A 45ACP has the power to. Is it the BEST choice? No, a high powered rifle or a 12 gauge is the best. But a 45ACP can work - but it's a risk since if you get a bad shot the bear will still be standing and charging at you. A 12 gauge can stop a bear in its tracks. But still 45ACP had the power.....shot placement is all that matters. You could take down a large bear with a .22 rifle in one shot if well placed. But if you miss then yeah...

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