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Although I have owned most of those named at one point or another, these days I am down to:

--.357 Mag
--.41 Mag

I recently bought another .38 Spl after several years without one. Not sure why--honestly, since I handload, it is just as easy to download .357 cartridges to .38 Spl levels (and one fewer size of brass to maintain).

Following the same logic, I can (theoretically) load .41 Mag or .45LC loads from mouse-fart to Thermonuclear. I have neither the need nor the youthful exuberance to press the far end of that range.

I have been trying to decide on just one of the ".4"s for the last year or so. For now, I'll hang onto both... but one day it may be just .22LR and .45LC.
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