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Originally Posted by slappy View Post
When the ban was implemented in September 1994 the dems controlled both houses of the Congress. I have doubts that they can get anything even close to that restrictive of a ban passed today. If the POTUS goes around Congress with an illegal Executive Order, it will be easily overturned by the Supreme Court in my opinion.
All it takes is a few weak Republicans to cave in the House and the "AR" and "high capacity mags" are gone forever (amongst other sweeping changes). If you don't think that's possible you haven't been listening to the news or talk radio. I have heard quite a few stanch conservatives (and republican congressmen) and self-proclaimed strong 2nd Amendment supporters calling for a supposed "middle ground" on gun control. They say, "Why does one need an AR, AK, high capacity magazine or thousands of rounds of ammo?" These are conservatives not just RINOs. I think we may be in bad shape this time.

I'm pretty sure the $200 tax and forfeiture of all "ARs" to the government upon your death, won't hold up in Congress, but that doesn't mean we're still not f-ed. Trust me when I say that I hope I'm wrong.

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