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Bought a couple of lower parts kits to finish up the last of my 7 ARs. Went looking (coffee in hand) in my 3 car garage Sunday morning for a box of AR15 and AK magazines I bought in the late 80s. Dug and moved boxes that have been stored for 20 years. Came upon one that I could not move; Heavy as can be. Cut the tape and found:

3300 rounds of 5.56 .223. Mostly American Eagle but 1200 rounds in two, 600 round green ammo boxes appear to be (google) Canadian C77, steel cored 62 grain, copper jacketed (yes a magnet picks up the cartridge) brass, with a Nato Cross headstamp, 1985 IVI all in these weird plastic stripper clips (10 to a clip)....looks good and Google says the stuff is accurate and fast, 3000 FPS. A bit better for barrier penetration as well.

2300 rounds of 7.62 X 39 in two wood crates (Steel case)

560 rounds of 7.62 x 51 (308) in wood crate (not steel BTY)

10,000 rounds of copper CCI Mini-mag .22. (my grandson is getting some of this)

500 rounds of Stinger CCI.

Wow...I must have bought this stuff in the late 80s at various gun shows.

I reload along with my 4 adult kids....we have two machines and my kids are into gun games on weekends.

I decided to hide this from them.. hehehe

Oh...I did find the box with the preban mags from 1989 as well...
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