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I had been planning on picking up an AR for the wife for Christmas or her birthday, and then this whole mess happened. So my budget was $1400, and this is what I ended up with-

An off-brand ATI AR-15, known as an HDA-16. $999,
which appears to be pre-hysteria price. It's a strange rifle, it looks like a good mid-range gun. I'll do a review on it since there's *no* info on it.

-2 magpul P-mags, no window for $20 each.
-2 E-Lander steel mags for $17 each.
-2 P-mags with window, $17 each (on the net)
-3 aluminum mags with magpul followers, $13 each.

Sooo, I think I did pretty good. At ~$1300, made it under budget. Until I stroll about in optics land

Ah yes, and I picked up three more Maadi AK mags for $14 each immediately after the hysteria. So I'm good
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