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I can understand not wanting a stranger to know that you are carrying . . . in fact, in the CCW class I took in AZ, we were advised that in a potential SD situation, it depended upon the situation as to whether it is wise to advise the possible BG that you are carrying or to even show that you are carrying to avoid a possible danger to yourself - I'm not talking about a situation where you would have no choice but to draw your weapon. This discussion was in regards to "brandishing" and some changes that had been made in the law allowing a licensed individual to show his weapon or put his hand on it (remaining holstered) in regards to stemming off a situation that could lead to having to draw the weapon. In AZ, a CCW is no longer required but there are some differences in what is allowed for those that are licensed and those that are not. Example: A person who is unlicensed cannot carry a firearm in to an establishment serving liquor (bar) while an individual who is licensed, can, but they cannot consume liquor.

In the scenario the OP is presenting though, if it is friends you are talking about - my friends know that I am licensed and often carry - that is my choice. They may not agree with it but that is their choice. As long as I am following what the law prescribes, then I'm not going to worry about it - if I have a friend that disagrees with the act of carrying - then that is their problem and if they don't choose to ride with me - fine. If you are talking about a "business situation" though - many businesses have clear policies about CCW on business premises which I would assume, would extend to business activities as well - whether they are on site or off site. If you are licensed to carry - then the decision is yours if you want to go against company policies and put your job at risk.

As far as being stopped by a LE officer - regardless of who is with me, and whether it is required or not, I personally would advise the LE officer that I was carrying and if he asked me to surrender my weapon during the duration of the stop, I would ask him how he preferred me to do it and then comply. It is for his protection as well as mine. I am licensed and as such, feel it is my responsibility to act in a responsible manner - regardless of who is in the car with me and whether I want them to know that I am carrying or not.
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