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Well said.

I think the rabble rousers serve a purpose. Sometimes the masses need to be agitated, but to what end?

Supposedly he really believes what he says and isn't just playing the part. This is probably the most media attention he's received lately being a guest on such a major show during a time of great debate. He also got into it with the TSA recently at the Austin airport.

I don't know the guy or know what to make of him at times. I think many of us are as passionate but express it in a more controlled and perhaps effective manner. But I think the fringes like Mr Jones have purpose, however he probably will draw more website hits and listeners now. Serves his purpose but understand how in this context he may have damaged our cause.

I like that people like him will explore some of the things I don't believe in but prompt good thought and discussion, he's like the anti-NPR. Its different though when he's espousing his varied beliefs on his own show where people seek it out instead of being the screaming gun guy on that nice British mans show.

Was this a live show or edited/cut down?
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