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{QUOTE} Nothing. I will wait until this panic ends. I have plenty of ammo and components and can live without the M1A that I have promised myself. At least for another year. I already have plenty of other rifles and pistols.

Yeah, the beer's still cheap, & so is pop-corn and R&R. My vote goes out for don't buy none of that crap until it calms down. Don't support the foolishness, don't support the panic buyers/GB re-sales, and let the whole thing settle down. When you stop buying, they'll stop selling, the prices will become reasonable, or they just wont sell. "It aint up to them" it's up to us! it's my money, I earned it, so I aint gonna let them take it all till the prices get back on track. Untill then, R&R and read about the other people that spent thier hard earned money, for stuff that should have cost half as much.
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