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Not to be too much of a smarta__, but everything is temporary, including my time on the planet. As for the shortages that we see right now, I don't expect them to last. The manufacturers know what we want and they'll do their absolute dead level best to make everything you want to buy.

This is just another example of how we (pretty much all of us) tend to extrapolate from where we are. If life is bad...the majority of people do tend to believe that it'll continue to be bad. And if life is good, we tend to think life will continue to be good. It's a normal pattern that drives a lot of 'herd' behavior, including some stock market moves. I'm not saying that people are dim witted, but I'm saying that it's often hard to see past a bad situation or a good situation. I spent years trading oil futures and it was a constant fight to maintain a level head and not be overcome with gloom or euphoria while in the decision making process. And the decision making times were almost always the times when things were going your way or going exactly opposite your way. Remain calm. Do not scream or run in circles. Do not puke in your pot plant. Do not show fear. Do not pee yourself. Yes...the job paid extremely well, but it took years off my life.

The shortages will be gone soon.
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