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My revolver cartridge list is pretty short:

38 Special
44 Special
44 Magnum
45 Colt
45ACP/45 Auto Rim

Unlike others, I didn't include the 357 Magnum. I generally find that the muzzle blast, recoil, and muzzle flash are excessive for what you get. If I need more power I go with the bigger bores that start with a '4'. I do like the 38 Special and find it to be a good general field round for a lot of purposes. Muzzle blast isn't too bad with this lower pressure cartridge.

I own revolvers in other chamberings - 22 Mag, 357 Mag, 41 Mag, 454 Casull, 500 S&W, etc - - - but those above are the ones on my own personal list that I like most.
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