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{QUOTE}:Pinned muzzle brake slightly off center


I recently finished my first AR 15 build. I spent just over 6 months and quite a bit of money piecing it together. Because I decided to go with a 14.5 barrel (and because I'm in NY) I had to get my muzzle brake pinned. I went with a BCM barrel and a Battlecomp muzzle brake. After I picked it up from the gun shop I examined the weld. It was a little sloppy, but I can live with that. After looking at it for a few minutes i noticed that the battlecomp was slightly off center. I'm talking only a couple degrees, but it still really annoyed me. Some people I asked said that I wouldn't notice any difference while shooting. i would just have to live knowing that it is slightly off center. I plan on taking it to the range this weekend. If it shoots okay then I will be able to live with it.
Can anyone weigh in on this? Do you think there will e any noticeable difference shooting it or am I making a big deal out of nothing? It just annoys me that I put so much time and effort into this project for someone else who is supposed to be a professional to screw up.

Well, a good prime example of that kind of shotty work: "You do that to an M1A" and you'll find yourself picking up the dang pieces of your flash suppressor for a week. They don't have "crooked" built into the design, and an alignment tool is recomended for installation once removed. "Just in cse" you might say, as like i said, you'll be pickin that stuff up for a long time if you get it on crooked.
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