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I agree with tobnpr. Unless you are hunting long range elk or something of that nature, .300 win mag is serious overkill. If youre like the majority of hunters in North America, Im guessing you will be hunting deer sized game. If so, here is my two cents worth on the bolt-action calibers i would suggest. Im sure one of these would fit almost anyone's needs for deer: .25-06rem, .270win, .260rem, 7mm-08, .243win, 6.5x55 swede, 6.5 creedmore. And if youre looking at used stuff throw in the 6mm remington. Thats just a few popular ones off the top of my head but anything much bigger than a .270 for deer is a total waste. 300wms have their following and if thats what your heart is set on then go for it. They just never have done anything special for me in my little corner of the world.
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