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On application, it's a bit of a messy process, since it isn't a flat piece of wood like I'm usually finishing. I'd probably use a small sponge type applicator (the kind on the end of a dowel), but you could use your fingers or a well-soaked rag. I'll usually take a plastic dish of some sort, like the bottom of a gallon water bottle that I've cut off. I like to have a shallow container that I can pour some Antique Oil in so I can dip the brush or rag into it, and if the shallow container is big enough, it can catch some of the drips from the stock. Just keep putting it on to the wood so that there's always an excess that the wood can absorb. So you're applying and it's dripping and it is a mess. If you use a soaked rag as the applicator, you'll be able to tell easily when the oil is getting sticky and tacky and needs to be wiped off. And I usually put a small screw eye into the end of the stock (where the butt plate was) so that I can hang the stock once I've wiped off the day's oil application.

As for pictures of the 9422, forgive me but it's in the barn and I'm watching the Alabama/ND game and you'll just have to envision the final result.

As far as finishes go, the Antique Oil is pretty easy to use. I was turned on to it by a friend's dad, who had been a woodshop teacher for 35 years. He said Antique Oil was his favorite, so I bought some.

Understand that the Antique Oil is just an Oil/Varnish mixture. It looks good and it is somewhat water repellent, but it is designed as an indoor type wood finish and isn't what you'd call a hard finish, so you do have to take care of it. If I was hunting in the Amazon rain forest, I'd probably pick a different finish, but I'm in Texas and that finish works just fine. As a matter of fact, I just blasted the armadillo that has been digging in the wife's flower bed, and the stock on that old 39A is a smooth as a baby's butt.
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