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When it comes to revolvers I have simplified things over the years. Probably another sign of getting old - LOL.

My most shot revolver these days is one of several L-frames loaded with the old 38/44 high performance version of the 38 Special cartridge - a hand loaded 158g bullet at a chronographed 1150 fps from a 4" barrel.

My next most shot cartridge is the 45 ACP. It fits a 1917, a Model of 1955, a M25-2 custom and a 625.

Finally there's the 44 Special. It does about everything the 45 ACP will do except reload as quickly and smoothly.

Been looking for a 22LR and or 22 WMR revolver for some time. If I ever find either or both that I can afford those rim fires will be added to the list.

RSVN '69-'71
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