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If you like the feel of the SAA and '51 Navy don't get a Pietta version. They have reshaped the grip to where it causes the gun to point upwards when you aim it. I hate it and have put 1860 Army grips on all my Pietta "Navy" style grips. The Uberti and ASM Navies are true to the original superior grip. Back in 1997 most of the gun prises (C&Bs) were from EMF owned by Gen US Grant, I believe). When two of my EMF Navies developed hair triggers I called EMF and mentioned this was a safety hazard for ue in CAS/SASS matches they immediately said to send them back and they'd fix them at no charge. I was very impressed with EMF.

Regarding my previous post, I had a good friend trick out my ASM .44 navies. He set the trigger pull to 3 lbs and hardened the triggers and timed them. They are the most reliable guns I have. No cap jams (I filled in the safety notch in the hammers, sometimes called the "Hellgate modification"). They are the ones I go to when I need to out shoot someone who has "called me out".
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