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Stolen Rifle

Hey everyone. I had a rifle stolen and supposedly recovered by the ATF. The rifle was stolen from a gunsmith that I paid to do some work on it. He had it for 5 months and called to tell me it was ready the day before his shop was robbed. Over 10 guns were stolen and I believe only 2 were recovered roughly 5 months later, including my rifle. The gunsmith and I were having issues before the theft, a buddy of mine took his there and had it back in less than 2 months. I made the mistake of paying in full up front. After the theft, the gunsmith claimed that he didn't have insurance and he was only paying the people back who's guns were not recovered. He has continually given me excuses and said he will reimburse me when he gets the money. I spoke to the ATF, who got involved b/c of the number of guns stolen. They told me that they recovered my gun, but it may take "years" till I get it back. I filed a summons with the county magistrate against the gunsmith to reimburse me for the rifle and work that was supposedly done on it. Right now, I'm out of $1900(rifle+gunsmithing work) and afraid I will not see my rifle again for "years" if ever. I would appreciate input from any forum members that are knowledgeable or have experience in these matters. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance fro any assistance.
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