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Of course, it is- regardless of what happens (or not) in Congress, and I'm in the "not" camp...

Think of it this way...
Is EVERYONE shooting that much more? A little, perhaps...

But, the answer is no, aside from the growth/popularity the sport was experiencing two months ago anyway.

All that has happened, is some among us decided to buy six months worth, or a year, or more... of components out of fear mongering.

If all that panic buying hasn't been fulfilled yet, it will be soon...

Then, demand will drop to pre-panic levels- and if I'm right- BELOW pre-panic levels, because all the panic buyers will be so stocked up they'll be out of the "normal" demand/supply chain for a while.

"Hey Jim- need any H4350?"
"Nope.... got 80 pounds on the shelf"...

I suspect, that especially as manuf's ramp up for this panic buying, there will be an oversupply, soon enough.
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