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I hear ya.. personally I would normally scoff at it too. I still have 3 other AR's two of which were builds I did using BCM uppers and BCG's. Not to mention the countless others I built then sold or traded, or all the ones I built for other people.

Like I said.. it won't do anything my other AR's won't, but it just stood out to me.. enough where I really wanted one, and I had the money.

Depending on if I like the stock or the grip as I have yet to use either in person.... those might get switched out. I was thinking some Magpul Foliage green stock and grip and mags might go nicely with the dark grey cerakote they chose. OR I was thinking getting the Magpul grip and stock of my choice dipped in Multicam, but I am just thinking out loud, still have a few months to decide.

I would like some opinions on what optic to run. I have rifles with an EO-Tech and Aimpoint already.. as well as a Trijicon Reflex.

I will be honest.. for some reason.. after using them a few times.. I am not a lover of the Trijicon ACOG.

This one I was considering a 1-4x scope with a 45 degree mounted RMR to both optics seeing as I never ran that set up yet. Or I was considering a eotech with the flip to side magnifier.
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