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Interesting design for transferring recoil forces (gotta have something, right?).

I think I like it better than Savage's Axis budget stick, where the recoil lug (traditional) is actually part of the stock, and fits into a recess in the action. The exact reverse of the traditional design.

All of this is possible now with the extreme accuracy of CNC machinery- exacting tolerances and consistency on the stock end, and the receiver end are required to make this concept work.

Same reason aluminum bedding blocks- which were the shiznit just a couple of years ago- are rapidly being replaced by all- aluminum precision chassis systems perfectly machined to fit the actions they're designed for.

We're all beneficiaries of this better technology, advancing- and becoming cheaper- every day. Who would have thought just a few years ago that you could buy a mass-produced rifle- for $300- that could shoot sub-minute with factory match ammo? Not to mention the accuracy/consistency of the factory barrels obviously being a part of the system...
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