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Just this past elk season five good ol boys tried to retrieve a bull that was shot the night before with a bow. They figured the carcass would be claimed by a bear and they were right. 4 brought large cal handguns (probably mags) and the other had a 12 ga. with birdshot. Well the griz charged and the chinese fire drill was on. They fired off 12 shots with the last shot fired by the shotgun at 12 feet. This turned the bear and he lumbered off. A small blood trail was found and rangers figured he was hit in the front legs. Me, I'd carry my S&W Governor loaded upfront with #6 birdshot followed up with 250 gr 45 lc hardcast. Hit em right square in the puss within 10' and it will blind him or give his snout such a stinging it'll turn him for sure. Then finish him off with the 45 lc.
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