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If you have been around the gun world for any amount of time at all, you will soon learn that there are no absolutes in shootings. Caliber, placement, none of it. I personally know a man who received 3 .45 kits to the head and was found wandering along a road in Texas. He certainly survived but his long term memory was affected, as well as the number of holes in his skull...nothing more. I have read accounts of people who died from a .22 round in an extremity and died "apparently" because they thought that's what a gunshot victim is supposed to do. Its all baloney, it sells guns and ammo, makes experts out of a lot of us, and creates endless conversations on the internet. I'm convinced that you and I will die at an appointed time and nothing will prevent or extend it, although I'm also convinced that many gunshot injuries make death out to be a bargain....Sandpiper
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