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BT ..... ummm your Prussian, one Friederich Wilhelm von Stueben, did not even land in the Colonies until late Sept. 1777 ...... and did not hit Valley Forge until Feb.'78 ..... he had almost no effect on fighting in the North, which was effectively over before his Blue Book came out and was adopted as the standard of training.

The only major engagement in the North his training might have had an effect on was Monmouth Court House, and it was a draw.

In the South, Irregulars and and Militia carried the rebel cause until mid 1780, when Stueben "trained" and Gates "led" Americans got their heads handed to them at Camden .....

Granted, the defeat at Camden was in part due to failure of militia (but mostly due to Gates' poor tactics- he was a **** poor combat leader, and it would have been better for all concerned had Benedict Arnold killed him in duel sparked by a charge of cowardice after Saratoga, IMO) ..... Gen'l Daniel Morgan manged to use milita very effectively 6 months later at Cowpens .....
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