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Thanks. Sounds like the Glock is better suited. I don't know how to stop the condestation thing besides just once I bring it inside wipe it down dry and then even use the hair dryer on it. That is that I do when it's cold outside (last night probably around 5 degrees outside bringing into into warm house).

So basically what I'm getting at is a Glock (polymer) is less likely to experience condenstation issues than an all steel revolver? Or is that not true.
I'm trying the ziplock bag thing also. Drail - about how long should I leave the Glock in the ziplock bag before it reaches room temp?

Colorado is cold. Whoever said it wasnt cold is wrong. Places like Gunnison, Colorado is the #1 coldest city in ALL the lower states. In fact colorado holds the #1 and #3 spot for most snowfall in history, beating Alaska. So yes, it's darn cold out here. I am from South dakota. There was more crazy weather out there, but in the rural parts of Colorado it's more cold temp wise on AVERAGE. But I don't wanna argue about coldest state - but colorado is DAMN cold!!

Edit- I just read your post over again, NANUK. I see your point. Thanks for the advice I will be sure to change carry ammo more often now.

Though in the winter I don't put any kind of lube on the Glock. I leave it dry. Just during winter, though.

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