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Interlock, I agree. I do not like the .308 Winchester. I have two of them. One was bought just to say I have a .308 and the other was bought to build a custom on the action. There is nothing wrong with the .308, but there is not enough "right" about it to justify the amount of sales it enjoys. Its OK on accuracy, but not extremely accurate. Its not flat. I cant tell the difference in recoil between my .308 heavy barrel with brake and my heavy barrel .300 Win mag with brake. The .300 Win mag will do everything the .308 does except it does it faster and flatter. The win mag is more accurate at 600 and 1000. I really dont care too much about 100 and 200 because thats what the .30BR and th 6PPC are for. I can think of at least 50 chamberings I would rather have in a guide gun than .308 Win.
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