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I'm just pointing out how they'll divide and conquer us.
No, you just showed that you can be tricked into BEING divided and conquered. As the above poster stated, lots of us hunters are much more concerned with the 2A issues than you think.

You WERE generalizing, and that doesn't work with this topic.

It's that kind of thinking that got us terms like "assault weapon".
Yes, I get it. Lots of hunters are very concerned with 2A issues. But not all hunters have contacted their representatives. Not all hunters will. Not all casual shooters will either. I have friends in IL who have their FOID cards, DO NOT own a gun, know nothing about IGOLD, the McDonald vs Chicago ruling, the ISRA, or the recent ruling about Illiinois' ban on concealed carry.

I'm positive three out of the four people I'm thinking of had no idea Illinois legislators were trying to pass anti-gun bills in this lame duck session (IL HB815 and HB1263) Some gun owners (again, not those on TFL, home of Gun Enthusiasts) think all guns are register to the owner.

The only way our rights can be trampled upon, is if enough lies are said, enough times, to the right ill-informed people. I stand with all law-abiding gun owners and support the Constitution of the USA. And I can see through the gun grabbers' lies.
Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."
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