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Actually there's an "and" at the end which can be summarized as; cannot be stopped by other means or the other means will cause harm to the victim.

Make no mistake, if you shoot someone, the facts will be presented to the Grand Jury, but self defense cases are usually dismissed.

It'd probably take a lawyer to answer the laptop question, but the way I read it is if you can't stop them by other means....
I'm not going to shoot someone running away with my laptop, I don't think most people would.... Entering my house may find the bad guy in peril though.

Texas used to be more restrictive when it comes to firearms. For example, in the past the law read that you could have a handgun in the car if you were "Traveling"...this left law abiding citizens open to abuse by police and prosecutors..

The castle doctrine has been adopted. Laws have been clarified to allow people to protect themselves and others.

The CHL class is ten hours long plus range time. I think the background check is the states pride and joy, from what I've read.
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