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Armi San Marcos Short-Barrel .44 Variants Questions:

I came across two NIB ASM 1860 Colts with short barrels. Both are around a 1996-1997 vintage according to the owner, who won both in a shooting match in 1997.

One is a 5-1/2” rounded barrel, Colt 1860 ‘Sheriff’s Model’ with steel frame in .44 caliber, serial #E39393. The other is also a steel framed Colt 1860 .44 but with a shorter, 5” octagonal barrel. It bears serial #E35712

What are the differences between the two????

Both seem to be timed correctly, are finished nicely and have never been fired. I can get them very cheaply and plan on using them for target shooting in general using .451” balls with 20-30 grains of black.

I have heard the quality of the ASM’s are not very good, but I have sent back several Pietta’s and Uberti’s with timing problems.

I understand that VTI still has some parts for these guns and I wanted to get some opinions form the forum in general as to how these hold up to regular target shooting.

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