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Arcus parts

I bought an Arcus 98DA last year. Shot it some and then moved on to competition shooting and it's sat in the safe for several months. The DA trigger is really gritty and heavy and even the SA trigger is gritty and heavier than I think it should be. I pulled it out of the safe today and decided to take it down all the way and take a look at the hammer, sear and trigger parts. Wow! They are very roughly machined. I wrapped some 800 grit sandpaper around a razor blade and lightly polished the sear and hammer engagement points. I was very careful and didn't polish much. Didn't come close to removing the machining marks, just smoothed it out a touch. I was afraid I'd change the function and safety of the parts of the hardening (if any) if I did too much.

I reassembled it and of course it's still heavy on the DA pull but it's not nearly as gritty. The SA pull probably dropped by 50%, though it's no 1911 trigger. That got me thinking. Can I just replace the hammer and sear with Hi-Power parts? If so, what else can I replace with Hi-Power parts? I'd like to try a lighter mainspring to lighten the trigger pull. This pistol will never be my main defense firearm so I'm not too concerned with dead nuts reliability, but it does need to be safe and reliable.
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