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interlock-As I've seen it written many times, the .308 is a great round in a short/brush/scout rifle platform. The rifle I hunt with is my friend's father's M77 w/ factory 24" bull barrel. His thought at the time of ordering was that he needed a 24" tube to wring the most out of the .308. With today's factory loads, it's my understanding that this is NOT the case and performance can be/is great from shorter rifle. Enter Ruger's Gunsite Scout.

oneoldsap-I'm assuming the existence of the Scout is the reason we're not seeing it in the Guide model?? Who knows. Also interesting is Californians NOT CA politicians being bashed. You think I, or any of the MANY other fellow gun-loving Californians, agree with any of that bullcrap? I certainly don't, but I have personal reasons for staying here. I'm growing a little weary of being punished for that. And yes, I know the difference between a break and flash suppressor. Btw, your post didn't offend me, per se, but reminded me of the all the killer deals I recently found on GB that say "WILL NOT SHIP TO CA" or some other dramatic b.s.

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