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Where did Dick's Sporting Goods come into this conversation?
I think it’s a good addition. Since we’re bad mouthing large department stores like Gander you should bring in Dic’s. I have purchased a lot from Dic’s (shoes and cloths) and like Mystro I will NEVER spend another dime there and another reason I only do business with MidwayUSA. Not everyone knows the cowards that Dic’s has become and TFL does believe in free speech as long as you follow rules.
The last time I purchased anything from GM was several years ago when they had a sale on 9mm (6.50$ a box) and 45 ACP (11$ a box) and took all they had.
I went GM last week, all the gun stores were out of what I use for carry. The sale consisted of 100 rounds of Federal (practice ammo) and 20 round of Hydra shock.
Does anyone here consider the above at 85$ to be a sale?
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