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What did you buy during the current AWB buying frenzy?

Most of us agree that we have no idea what is going to happen over the next few months regarding gun control. I had been working on saving money (i.e. responsible spending habit) to buy my first AR for the past year or so and planned on buying right after Christmas with the money I was expecting and then the events at Newtown occured and moved up my buying time frame. It also changed by responsible spending habits too. So what has everyone purchased during the current hysteria? I will go first.

My budget was $ is what I bought and spent.

Rock River Entry Tactical-$1950
5 30 round magazines-$200
500 rounds of ammo -$300

I spent just over twice what I was budgeting. Either an extremely bad decision or very wise money spent endeavor depending on the next few months. I hope extremely bad decision but was not willing to take that chance. So how about everyone else?
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