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In a way, this is a fairly easy decision. Here are the considerations:

1. Do I want to ensure that I will continue to own an AR15?

2. Am I willing to take the chance that I will never own an AR15 again in exchange for an easy $1,000?

3. I don't care if I own one or not, show me the money!

Speculative buy and sells happen everyday on the stock market and elsewhere (and for a heck of a lot more at stake!). If you have an emotional attachment to, objective or subjective need for, or some other compelling reason to own an AR15 and you cannot live without it, then it is probably not wise to sell at this time. $1,000 really is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things to be receiving in exchange. If $1,000 is a considerable amount of money to you, then what the heck are you doing with an AR? You should sell immediately for max cash. If you are willing to speculate and take a chance for $1,000, then sell. If not, then do not sell.

What would you do with the extra cash, i.e. the profit of $1,000? Wait until ARs are cheap again and buy two? Blow it at the strip club? Buy your old lady the washer and dryer she always wanted? Put it in the bank?

In my opinion, $1,000 isn't enough to move on, but that is just me and my economics.
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