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Thank you both.

I bought a digital micrometer today to do precise measurements, here is hoping I fall within those saami specs.

I only intend to be within spec, not do anything exotic.b What I did with approximately 100 cases is deburr and chamber with an RCBS hand tool, and I want to make sure I was not too zealous and make my shells fall out of spec.

I was also concerned with pressure problems (if any) that might show up if the cases are perhaps a hundredth out of spec (too short)?

Thanks again all!

....andI of course acknowledge my noob-ness in regard to not testing case length prior to deburring and chamfering.

Stupid, I know.

Unclenick---(and any others)

to what degree should my brass be uniform for purposes of plinking reloading?

Saami specs most permissible for pressure/safety purposes?

Also, what toll would you recommedn for trimming. I am looking for low budget/accurate. (I typically want my cake and to eat it too).

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