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In my state, there is a gun proficiency requirement, so online isn't an option here. I would make a suggestion though. Ask around about people's experiences with different courses locally. They aren't all the same by any means. The CCW test I took was open book, but even if it wasn't, they could have adequately covered the information needed to pass it in under an hour. But the state requires 10 hours of classroom and 2 hours on the range.

I have heard from friends their experience of how much their class hours dragged, basically just lecture, break, lecture. I lucked out with the class I ended up taking. The instructors actually put together a really great program, breaking it up from short classroom sessions, to videos, to guest speakers. What I found particularly eye opening and helpful were the live situational exercises in the afternoon. Each person in the class got to act out how they would respond in varying scenarios, and the instructors then critiqued the reactions. It got everyone thinking critically about real world issues beyond "I can carry a gun".

Point being, you have to do the classroom time regardless. It might be worth it to shop around for a class that gives you some additional benefit beyond the end result of completing the requirement needed to get your concealed carry license.
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