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WI finally got CCW after Scott Walker became Govenor. No online classes are allowed here. The DOJ is still operating our program under a "temporary requirements", now the legislature will begin working on "permenant requirements". Now 4 hrs. of class, no shooting required.
I didn't need shooting instruction, but did find the NRA instructor class to be informative.
Personally, I believe the most important thing for a CCW to learn and fully understand, is what really constitues Iminent Threat and when you can lawfully defend yourself. They will always run you through a wringer if you shoot someone, you want the evidence to be very clear and plain. Or some high paid lawyer will do his best to nail your ass, on behalf of the poor dead
148K licenses in a little over a year, about time WI came around. Plus, our
Castle Doctrine, so we are not obligated to run out the back door when the Perp breaks down your front door.
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