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Model 1892 Survey

To all my 1892 Winchester friends:
In my recent blogging and corresponding with many folks about my lever action gun collection, I have ran into an interesting gentleman conducting a rather unique survey of Winchester model 1892's. We have had a nice conversation and I will be entering the 40 or so 92's that I have into his data base.

Some of you may have already corresponded with him on your 92's but some may not know of him. His name is Michael Puzio and he has already surveyed over 4000 92's for their barrel address type, caliber stamp, upper tang stamp, serial number and overall configuration of the rifle. He will enter each rifles info into his data base and then give you a rundown on where your 92 is in the survey. This is a rather worthwhile effort as these details do not exist in the records for collectors. He will send you sample pictures of what he needs and a spreadsheet for compiling your info. It is amazing to me after seeing the photos as to how much difference there was in the Winchester factory when they were metal stamping the address and caliber on barrels and tangs. Avery interesting item that I was not aware of!

You can contact him at:

It was really nice to run into him and I know you will like it also.
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