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I have always liked to have at least two guns that shoot the calibers I like. Several years ago I tried to limit my calibers to a few, .22,.9mm, 38/357, 45Colt/45acp, .44mag/spec in handguns and .22, .223, 30/30 and .308 in rifles. I've had others over the years but mostly I have stayed with these calibers.

As a result I have tried to find a rifle and handgun in each of the handgun calibers and at least two rifles in .223, 30/30 and .308. Where possible in the rifles, I like a semi-auto and a bolt gun, but that isn't possible with the 30/30 and since my .308's are for hunting I chose bolt guns. Never been an AR fan. I would rather have a lever gun than an AR. Besides I don't have to worry when AR and MIA prices spike because of ridiculous legislation. My only semi's are a Mini-14 and a 10/22. So I guess to answer your question, I am more of a duplicate guy, or maybe I'm diverse since I like a handgun and rifle in the same calibers where possible. You decide. . . . . .
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