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The CCW class that my wife and I took a couple of months ago was pretty much a joke. A guy set at the front of the class, talked about some do's and don'ts for 45 minutes, and then took us to the range where we each had to fire a pistol 5 times at a target about 5 feet away. You didn't have to hit the target and at least when it was my turn, he didn't even watch me shoot, he was helping the lady in the next lane.

I believe the OP might be referring to an article I had read, where a state was offering online classes (I can't remember the state). The article talked about the number of out of state people who were taking the class and getting their CCW there because it was reciprocal to most other states. So instead of taking the time to go to a CCW class in their home state which might have harder requirements such as passing a written test, they were taking the online class in from that state.

I was raised with guns and hunting, but it was mostly rifles and shotguns up until I was around 17 or so. Then I went about 25 years without touching a gun. Now that my wife (who had never shot one until a few months ago) are enjoying going to the range, I plan on getting the CCW because it's good for 7 years and I have been going to the range practicing, but I will have to be a LOT more confident and sure of myself with a pistol before I consider carrying in public.
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