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While defeating an armed populace may be difficult, the British were not beaten by guerrila warfare by a population armed with Kentucky rifles. They were beaten using old-world battlefield tactics by men trained in methods laid down by a Prussian and armed mostly with smoothbore muskets. We also had a little help on the side by the French, who, and not for the last time, kindly donated a few weapons to tide us over.

For those of you who were in the army x-number of years ago, you shouldn't imagine that the way it was when you were in was the way it always was or the way it always would be. For a few cases of the army being used against civilians, read about the bonus marchers in Washington when McArthur was chief of staff or even earlier when suffragettes came to town.

I'm not saying what's right or wrong (who am I to say?) but just pointing out a few footnotes of history.
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