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Thanks snuffy,

I have the Lyman book and have read most of the way through it. My hopes were to get a mold that I could use so I didn't have to drop a chunk money into a sizer and dies. The more I read the more it looks like you have to have one.

I realize that molds listed at a certain diameter doesn't mean they will cast at the listed dia. depending on the alloy of the lead may make a difference or how you cast them. I want to be able to create ammo for various .45 pistols so I don't have to sort the ammo per gun. I'm sure this will have to be played with to see what shoots well with each. From what I've read it sounded like I need to be .001 or .002 over the bore size to make a good seal. This is what brought the original question up. I have a .003 spread between the 2 bores.
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